Take a Leap With Us

For many, college is a logical "next step," but at The Nice Center we dare you to leap.

Are you a student unsure of what to study? A business owner or entrepreneur in need of structured support for your idea? Or a recent grad who feels stuck at a post-college crossroads? Then let’s not just reconsider your next steps. Let’s take a leap together instead.

At The Nice Center, we’ve been considering how to best support students and community members through this time of uncertainty.

Over the past two months, we’ve hosted webinars with more than 400 attendees, held support calls with nearly 70 business owners across North Dakota, and have begun to welcome next year’s cohort of Nice Student Fellows. And as we’ve talked through next steps with these students and community members, we’ve been challenging ourselves to uncover the opportunity hidden in the disruption our world is facing.

Instead of stepping cautiously through current unknowns, what if we leaped to create the world we want to live in?


The Nice Center’s mission is entrepreneurship for all. Do we think everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur? Not necessarily. Do we think everyone would benefit from absorbing the skills required to be entrepreneurial. Absolutely. That’s why we’re introducing a new program for students and community members who are ready to discover their mission and clap back at the chaos COVID-19 has caused.


In late August, we’ll host an introductory workshop. This initial event introduces participants to the Leap Map, helps them identify a specific project to work on, and begins the process of building a community of support and accountability.

About ten weeks later, we’ll host a Showcase Night, which provides a forum to bring together leapers and the broader community to celebrate the work and learning that has taken place.

Along the way, leapers benefit from regular touch-points to stay on track, stay motivated, and troubleshoot obstacles that arise. The phases of a Leap are structured like this:

  • Discover Phase

    You’ll learn how to determine the best Leap to take for you and your work/life. The Discovery phase allows space to design your leap and ask questions about what inspires you.

  • Prepare Phase

    This is the “stepping back” moment before jumping. It is a push to look around to identify resources and the people you’ll want supporting you, and to foresee possible challenges ahead.

  • Act Phase

    Focuses on setting small, incremental goals that will ultimately help land a Leap, and on quickly testing ideas in order to uncover new possibilities along the way.

  • Share Phase

    Helps you document progress along the way and turn it into a compelling story you can share with others – from friends and family to potential employers or customers.


If you’re a new student grappling with uncertainty about what to study, then the Nice Leap program could help you find clarity and direction.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur in need of structured support in building out an idea or product/service, then Nice Leap guides you in refining your approach.

If you’re a recent graduate who feels stuck at the post-college crossroads, or have had plans cancelled because of the coronavirus, then let’s reconsider your next steps.

Let’s take a leap together.

For more information, and to sign up for updates, visit: thenicecenter.org/NiceLeap

Posted on May 18th, 2020 by Dane Johnson in News and Stories