Student Spotlight: The Entrepreneurship of Beekeeping with Kyra Braaten

Entrepreneurship and Beekeeping

Interested in working with bees? Probably not ? but as we learned in last Tuesday’s student spotlight, that’s exactly what Kyra Braaten did.

It all started as she approached high school graduation and realized she was going to need a hobby to fill her senior summer.

While many of us would have settled on reading or learning an instrument, Kyra decided to get into beekeeping!

As she started to research the subject, she had a surprising idea. She realized there was potential to turn this beekeeping hobby into a beauty business selling products with honey and beeswax.

Now, she is the founder and CEO of K Bee Honey, and you can shop for her honey self-care products.

Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel.

Posted on April 6th, 2021 by Shane Corbett in News and Stories