Student Spotlight: How Izak Moleterno sold his art to Ricky Rubio

Turning a Hobby into a Side Hustle

Creativity is crucial to both art and entrepreneurship, and Izak Moleterno has figured out how to perfectly use his creativity in both areas.

In our latest student spotlight, we learned how Izak turned his childhood hobby into a successful art side hustle that has even done business with celebrities.

It all started in Izak’s youth when he won state in an art competition. Much to his surprise, someone approached him and actually offered to pay him for his piece.

At first, it seemed crazy to him. There was no way this silly hobby could actually be a serious business endeavor he thought.

Yet after much back and forth in his mind, and help from his family, he made the leap to start doing freelance artwork, which has even resulted in him doing a portrait for Ricky Rubio.

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Posted on March 23rd, 2021 by Shane Corbett in News and Stories