Strong Women, Strong Coffee

A Place for Business Women to Learn, Grow, & Network

If you are unfamiliar, the North Dakota Women’s Business Center “empowers women entrepreneurs to launch, advance, and sustain their businesses.” They help with different topics like marketing, finance, or strategic planning and they offer free one-on-one business assistance to individuals across North Dakota. I actually attended my own meeting there to help jumpstart my Brandakin Social Media business and was so impressed by how caring, resourceful, and inexpensive (FREE) it was! To have this type of resource available is so crucial to a new entrepreneur’s success. They also host events, and the one I attended and am going to share with you is: Strong Women, Strong Coffee.


So, Strong Women, Strong Coffee takes place quarterly. I attended the one on January 31 — another one will be held in April, taking place on Friday, 8-9:30 a.m. The one I went to was located at the Dakota Medical Foundation and it was super nice! Each one focuses on a specific topic with a person experienced in that topic designated to speak. There is also a facilitator who asks the panelists questions and stimulates conversation. In addition, there is coffee and breakfast included (I will discuss this deliciousness in a second) and a ticket is $30. They end the panel by opening up the discussion to the audience for questions.

My Experience

The Strong Women, Strong Coffee event I attended was focused on gratitude. The panelists were Dani Gilseth and Amanda Sayre. The topic was focused on gratitude and how it plays a huge role within small businesses, nonprofits, and everyone’s daily lives. It was a thought-provoking and reflective experience. They even left us with these cute cards to write on to share our gratitude with someone we are thankful for. There was breakfast included and it was so yummy! There was cranberry oatmeal, fruit, sausage, and breakfast wraps! There was also coffee and tea available and there was a raspberry chocolate truffle flavored coffee and I was IMPRESSED.

The thing is, I already came into this event thinking how cool it was to have a program like this for women to attend and then realized when I left that it was much more than that, it was an experience. They didn’t just provide coffee in a huge maker or a generic breakfast, they made it top notch. They brought in speakers who were a wealth of knowledge and provided a place for women to come and grow themselves and their businesses with other like-minded women.

Future Details

If you want to attend one of the Strong Women, Strong Coffee events it’s super simple! You can find tickets from Eventbrite, Facebook page, or website. Either way, you’ll find more information and find a way to purchase a ticket! Again, tickets are $30 and anyone can attend. It’s great for women entrepreneurs, women working in business, or women looking to network with other women! I really recommend that you attend this event if you can, it was so fun to be in a room full of business minded women.

If you have any questions about the event please message me or reach out to North Dakota Women’s Business Center! It’s so incredible to have resources like this for women to help them succeed. Look into their one-on-one business assistance and other events they host! I bet one of them will help you immensely!

Posted on February 19th, 2020 by Emily in Events, Resources, News and Stories