Remote Work Series: Replays and Results

Learn from these experts on tools needed for remote work, how to work remotely, how to get a job remotely, and how to build remote culture

The Nice Center conducted a four-part series on remote work. Now you can watch the replays.

Remote work is an essential skill for current and future employees, especially for individuals who may want to live in a rural community and work with companies around the world. This series helped tackle the key questions, such as what tools you need to work remotely, how to get hired remotely, how to hire remote employees and how to build a remote culture.

Andy Traub: Tools for Remote Work

Before you start working remotely, you need to make sure you have the necessary tools, both as an employer and an employee. That’s why we were excited to kick off the Remote Work series with Andy Traub.

Laurel Farrer: How to Work Remotely

Once you have the tools, it’s time to get hired! For many North Dakotans and rural communities, working remotely is an essential skill. That’s why we welcomed Laurel Farrer to share how to work remotely.

Liam Martin: How to Hire Remotely

Hiring remote employees enables businesses to attract the best talent from around the world. In North Dakota and rural communities, there are often too many job openings and not enough employees. That’s why we enjoyed Liam Martin’s session on how to hire remotely.

John Meyer: How to Build a Remote Culture

One of the challenges of working or hiring remotely is ensuring you have a cohesive team and corporate culture. In our final session, we invite John Meyer from Lemonly to share how to build a remote culture.

Results and Reflections

We had 104 people join us live through the four sessions, and we look forward to sharing this knowledge in future classes and bootcamps as we work to build the remote work capabilities of our community and region.

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Posted on December 6th, 2019 by Scott in Resources