Nice Starts 2020

Kickstarting entrepreneurship across North Dakota.

The Nice Center has created an opportunity for dozens of entrepreneurs to launch together. Through the power of communal accountability, coordinated resources, and a shared deadline, The Nice Center is launching crowdfunding campaigns across the community of Fargo – and ultimately the entire state of North Dakota – all under the banner of #NiceStarts.

2020 Campaigns

During our first year of organizing Nice Starts, we’ve seen starters clarify their ideas, build a community of support around their project, and, ultimately, launch their campaigns. Here are the 2020 campaigns.

  • MycMen Mushroom Grow System
    Grow mushrooms in the comfort of your own home, we'll help make it automatic.
  • Mirror Mask
    Researching and building prototypes that will become gear for peaceful protesters. Inspired by the Hong Kong protests.
  • Learn or Teach
    Digitizing the online teaching & learning space. Need support to purchase recording & video-editing equipment to address the sudden spike in demand for custom online course creation.
  • FarGO GIVEr
    Volunteer & Give Back Locally - All in One Experience!
  • ADIBON Cloud Kitchen
    Explore the world, led by your taste buds, with ADIBON Cloud Kitchen. We create delicious meals during a time of physical distancing.
  • Musical Bridges
    Music Go 'Round the World with Online Cultural Curriculum, including music & Technology, Engineering, Art, Math & Science activities.
  • Mama Dee Daycare
    Bringing Expanded 24-Hour Childcare to Fargo

Why Crowdfunding?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs express feelings of uncertainty or impostor syndrome, which prevents them from starting. If they do start, there is a lack of capital in North Dakota, and barriers to funding, especially for women. Rural communities also face the challenge of a small market size to support venture creation. Crowdfunding offers a potential solution to these barriers.

Over 96% of successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns follow through with their product launch. Women lead 35% of Kickstarter projects, much higher than the 18% of VC-backed companies that have at least one female cofounder.

Kickstarter funding is also much less geographically concentrated than venture capital.

Learn How To Crowdfund

Prior to launching their campaigns, our starters engaged in a four-part webinar series on crowdfunding led by crowdfunding guru Clay Hebert.

Clay Hebert -- Nice Starts

Clay is a marketing strategist and the founder of Crowdfunding Hacks, where he helps entrepreneurs and creatives fund their dreams. As one of the world’s leading crowdfunding experts, he has helped over 150 entrepreneurs raise over $50 million on popular crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

As an inspiration to you, we are sharing the recorded webinars free for you to learn from and, ultimately, shape the launch of your own campaign. Access the webinars on YouTube through the links below:

If you have any questions about launching a campaign, please reach out by scheduling time with Dane or Scott. We’d love to hear from you!