Start the road to recovery for your business now. Join CO.STARTERS Rebuild at The Nice Center.

This live-facilitated, 10-session program will help you refocus your business, stabilize it, and build toward long-term recovery. Working with a dedicated group of like-minded peers, you’ll cover topics relevant to the current COVID-19 challenges in a series of ten 2.5-hour sessions.


As small businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis, the CO.STARTERS Rebuild program provides entrepreneurs with a practical pathway and trusted tools to approach the market in new way, one step at a time.

  • Start Date: July 13th
  • 10 Weeks | Mondays 6:00 – 8:30pm CST
  • Price: $550 $330* (40% discount)

*includes $30 processing fee

Applications close July 6th


If you are an existing small business or entrepreneur who is…

  • Losing business and customers due to COVID-19
  • Struggling to figure out how to move forward
  • Feeling isolated and needing support
  • Looking for more than immediate assistance
  • Serious about doing what it takes to save your business

…we are here to help.

Working with a dedicated group of like minded peers in a virtual setting, you’ll cover the following topics in a series of ten 2.5–hour sessions:

  • SESSION 1: Assessing Your Situation
  • SESSION 2: Understanding Your Customer
  • SESSION 3: Finding a New Solution
  • SESSION 4: Refocusing Your Marketing
  • SESSION 5: Exploring Quick to Market Approaches
  • SESSION 6: Learning About COVID-19 Laws
  • SESSION 7: Streamlining Costs
  • SESSION 8: Setting Recovery Sales Goals
  • SESSION 9: Planning for Recovery
  • SESSION 10: Celebration!


CO.STARTERS helps individuals and communities thrive through entrepreneurship by equipping them with strategy, tools, and relationships. Since 2008, CO.STARTERS has equipped more than 690 local leaders across 200+ communities, helping more than 12,000 starters move forward with their ventures.

Questions? Contact Dane at dane.m.johnson@ndsu.edu