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We don’t talk about entrepreneurship. We do entrepreneurship.

We believe the best way to learn about entrepreneurship is to do it. Our programs and events give students, faculty, and community members the chance to take action on their ideas and meet fellow innovators to inspire their work. Everything is open and welcoming to all.


The 2021 Nice Passport Events

Events are added throughout the year. If you have an event related to our core topic areas and can take attendance at the event, let us know. We will add your event to the passport. Also, new this year, you simply have to attend 4 Events total, not an event in each of the categories.





**All dates are listed in Central Time

Our Programs

All programs are available for students and community members unless otherwise noted. We are also happy to partner with other organizations to start additional programs. Contact us to discuss.

  • Entrepreneurship Courses

    No matter what career you pursue the lessons learned through entrepreneurship will increase your confidence and allow you to see possibilities where others only see problems. Check out courses and certifications offered at NDSU.

  • Nice Leap

    What if starting college wasn’t just a “next step” in your life, but a leap toward something great? Here at The Nice Center at NDSU, we believe it can be. Join our Nice Leap program and get introduced to a framework to help you “leap” toward something great.

  • Women's Entrepreneurship Week

    We’re on a mission to make our region the best place for women to start companies. Join us for a community-sourced festival that connects and celebrates entrepreneurial women in our region.

  • Innovation Challenge

    The Innovation Challenge encourages students to develop innovative ideas with the chance to compete for over $21,000 in cash and prizes. All area students are welcome.

  • Challey IDEAS Workshop

    In this interdisciplinary workshop, internationally-renowned scholars from universities across the country will present research and engage in discussion with the NDSU community. Seminars will focus on important issues related to institutions, trade, entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • NiceX

    NiceX partners with industry and community leaders to facilitate problem-solving challenges that connect students with the pressing issues facing our world. See what we’ve tackled so far.


    This 10-session, cohort-based program supports you as you move from idea to action. Find real-world strategies and practical tools to start and sustain a small business.

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week

    We serve as an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder who unifies multiple partners to organize activities during Global Entrepreneurship Week. In this role, we serve as an extension of the Global Entrepreneurship Week USA Host in their ecosystem.

  • Nice Passport

    Encouraging and rewarding attendance at events on and off campus related to creativity, entrepreneurship, learning and leadership, and community.

  • COVID Response

    The Nice Center wants to help our community get through the pandemic. That means supporting the businesses, workers, makers, and entrepreneurs across the state. We can’t do it alone, take a look at the ways you can get involved.

  • New American Entrepreneur Program

    Challey Institute accelerator program that connects New American entrepreneurs to capital, community, and technology resources.

  • civic innovation force
    Innovation Day

    Innovation Day is a day dedicated to showcasing innovative projects and ideas across North Dakota. Join us on November 19th in celebrating innovation throughout our great state!

Past Events

Check through our past events and resources to share with someone else or to experience for the first time yourself.

  • Webinar Series

    Every Tuesday in April, The Nice Center hosted a webinar to help inspire creativity during times of isolation. Watch all replays of the webinars at the link below.

  • Nice Starts

    In March of 2020, we hosted a four-part webinar series on crowdfunding led by crowdfunding guru Clay Hebert. This series led to seven entrepreneurs launching campaigns across North Dakota.