Plug and Play is Coming to Fargo

20 startups will be coming to Fargo every six months.

Governor Doug Burgum welcoming Plug and Play CEO Saeed Amidi.

Fargo Welcomes Global Innovation Program Plug and Play

Fargo will become the international innovation hub for ag-tech, and one of 50 hubs worldwide. By coming to Fargo, it allows Plug and Play to clearly understand the tech needs of farmers and the entire agriculture supply chain. In the end, the goal of Plug and Play is to support ag-focused startups and corporations be more efficient and sustainable. 

What’s Plug and Play?

Plug and Play is the largest global innovation platform in the world. They connect the best technology startups and the world’s largest corporations to streamline innovation. Each year, they run over 50 industry-themed accelerator programs in cities around the world. Additionally, they advance the innovation of over 400 industry-leading corporations and invest in over 260 companies a year. Their mission is to make innovation open to anyone, anywhere.

The start of Fargo’s program is slated to begin in late May or early June. The companies and individuals backing Plug and Play include Bremer Bank, Microsoft, OCP Group, CHS, and Emerging Prairie. 

Felipe Gonzalez, Plug and Play Corporate Account Manager

Nice Start Internship

As we continue to pursue ways of making entrepreneurship for all, The Nice Center will partner with companies accepted into the Plug and Play accelerator and connect them with student interns while they are based in Fargo. These interns will have the benefit of working with a fast-growing startup, leading to future job opportunities or inspiration to start their own company. The Plug and Play accelerator companies will have the benefit of having The Nice Center managing the administrative work of recruiting talent, connecting companies with state programs such as Project: Intern, and guiding interns during their tenure.

For more information on Plug and Play’s recent move into Fargo, read Plug and Play’s official press release. You can also view the photos from the announcement here.

Watch the Plug and Play Announcement

Meet the Plug and Play North Dakota Corporate Sponsors

Hear the Governor Introduce Plug and Play

Plug and Play CEO and Founder Saaed Amidi Introduces Plug and Play North Dakota

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