Now Hiring: Programs Manager With Functional Speed

The Nice Center is hiring a Programs Manager to help the state of North Dakota innovate towards our new reality.

The Nice Center’s mission is entrepreneurship for all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that innovation is a skill that everyone should have. It’s an essential ability that our campus, community and state needs to restart, rebuild, and thrive in our new reality.

To help us pursue this mission, we are excited to open up a new position for a Programs Manager. Learn more and apply here.

About the Position

The Programs Manager will join our team of two in planning, promoting and hosting programming for The Nice Center. The program manager will lead events and identify opportunities for curricular and co-curricular activity that will measurably increase the participation and depth of entrepreneurial activity on campus and across the state of ND.

We’re especially excited about the potential to reach across the state. The perfect candidate will work with high schools, other universities, and mentors locally and across North Dakota to spark entrepreneurship. Most importantly, they will bring new ideas and potential to The Nice Center. You can learn more here.

A Need for Functional Speed

Wide receiver Jerry Rice once noted that he wasn’t the fastest receiver, but he knew when to run. In short, he had functional speed.

For The Nice Center, NDSU, and the state of ND, we believe that now is the time to run. We’re looking for someone ready to run with us.

The world faces myriad challenges, but who is better to confront these challenges than the university? With our breadth and depth of knowledge across healthcare, business, education, transportation, supply chains, manufacturing, and more, we are the diverse expert our state and the world needs. We need to summon the courage to create the future instead of waiting to see what emerges.

We have noted for the past weeks that the Coronavirus is not changing the world as much as it is speeding it up. Many of the changes in education, healthcare, business, and more, have been underway for years or decades. Now they’re here.

Over the past month, The Nice Center has helped over 70 businesses in our state create digital storefronts to weather the pandemic. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is needed.

It’s time for The Nice Center to utilize our functional speed. It’s time to mobilize and fight COVID-19.

It’s time to get to work. Will you join us?

Posted on May 11th, 2020 by Scott in News and Stories