Identify & understand problems worth working on through our reverse-pitch framework called NiceX.

NiceX partners with industry and community leaders to facilitate problem-solving challenges that connect students with the pressing issues facing our world. Since introducing this framework in 2019, NiceX has produced innovative solutions for the ag industry, the City of Fargo, North Dakota high schools, and in healthcare.

Here are some of the programs the NiceX framework has produced:

  • Nice Idea
    Nice Idea is an entrepreneurship program for North Dakota high school students that teaches students to be creative and entrepreneurial, connects students with actual problems that need solving, and hosts a statewide competition where students share their ideas and win support to make those ideas a reality.
  • Civic Innovation Force
    In a one-day design thinking workshop, we hosted more than 20 students from a variety of majors and the City of Fargo’s administrator to explore challenges faced by the city. In the end, one team was chosen to build out its proposed project as paid fellows in The Nice Center’s Civic Innovation Force.
  • CoSearch
    Through a two-day, intensive research retreat, we conducted an interdisciplinary design sprint focused on the future of the farm. 20 NDSU faculty and researchers combined their shared knowledge to create innovative solutions which they pitched for funding at the culmination of our event.
  • Sanford Health
    This September, approximately students from across ND in clinical and nonclinical areas of study will form teams and compete to come up with the best ideas on the future of rural health care. Subject matter experts from Sanford Health and NDSU will be a resource to students and help them build their presentations.
  • NiceX: Equity
    Over the past few months, long overdue conversations about inequality and racism have begun to take place across the globe. In our pursuit of entrepreneurship for all, which can only happen if there is first equitable treatment of all, The Nice Center is inviting dialogue and solution-seeking on the NDSU campus.

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