Nice Leap

A Nice Leap experience blends the adventure of a gap year with the credit of a school year. Introductory workshop held on August 21st!

 Nice Leap Launch:

  • Nice Leap Workshop: August 21st @ Renaissance Hall, 650 Northern Pacific Ave, Fargo, ND 58102
    • 9:30am | breakfast snacks & mingle
    • 10am – noon | workshop

Upcoming Workshops:

  • User Research Workshop: August 24th, TBD
  • Prototyping Workshop: September 21, TBD
  • Storytelling Workshop: October 26, TBD
  • Nice Leap Showcase: November 19, TBD

Let’s Leap

What if starting college wasn’t just a “next step” in your life, but a leap toward something great. Here at The Nice Center at NDSU, we believe it can be. Through our 10-week Nice Leap program we’ll help you:

  • Declare your mission (not just a major) — We’ll help you clarify what you need to know to achieve the goals that are most important to you, not only for the next four years, but for the life you are creating.
  • Learn through action — We’ll find projects and problems that allow you to collaborate with fellow students and career professionals. You don’t do homework, you take on real projects that make a real impact in the real world.
  • Create community — We’ll introduce you to the mentors and guides that will challenge your ideas and strengthen your resolve.

If this sounds like the kind of learning you’d like to experience, then the Nice Leap is available to you.

How It Works

The program begins with an in-person design thinking workshop (we’ll revert to a virtual format if COVID-related restraints arise), where you formulate your leap — a “leap” is a specific, time-bound project designed to help you leave your comfort zone and learn something new. Then we match you with a project to help you take your leap. Finally, you share what you’ve learned with the community.

At the end of 10 weeks, you will have a new skill, a new network, and a new direction for your personal mission. You will also receive two credits at NDSU as a UNIV 496 course.

Alternately, if you are only able to participate at the design-thinking workshop, then we still welcome you to join us. There is no requirement for you to continue on with the 10-week program if you are unable. However, if you wish to receive credits at NDSU, then you will need to complete the entire program.

We are currently accepting applications to join our Fall 2020 cohort. Come take a leap with us.

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