Nice Leap

A 10-week course that equips you with skills, community, & a mission.

We believe learning happens throughout our lives, not just in the classroom. But we often get so inundated with coursework, grades, and deadlines that we forget to recalibrate our time and priorities to what matters most for our growth and development as students and as people.

Nice Leap is your chance to take learning into your own hands — to take risks, create new things, and to share your discoveries along the way. 

This program is open to students and individuals across North Dakota, no matter your age or phase of life. You’ll be able to work solo, with a friend, or form your own team. Sign up for the spring 2021 cohort here.

Let’s take a leap together! 

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Nice Leap Storytelling Night: Monday, November 16, 6-8pm

Past Workshops:

  • Storytelling Rehearsal: Monday, November 9, 4-7pm
  • Storytelling Workshop: Monday, October 26, 6-8pm (Watch the Replay)
  • Prototyping Workshop: Monday, September 21 & October 3 (virtual)
  • User Research Workshop: Friday, September 4, 10am-noon (Watch the Replay)
  • Virtual Nice Leap Launch: Saturday, August 29th, 10am-noon (Watch the Replay)
  • User Research Workshop: Monday, August 24th, 6-8pm (virtual)
  • Nice Leap Launch Workshop: August 21st @ Renaissance Hall


How It Works

Alongside a group of 20-25 peers, you’ll design experiences focused on a question or skillset related to your career and/or education goals, or personal growth. Each participant will choose the specific of their Leap. We’ll create the framework, the space, and offer mentorship to support your projects.

Nice Leap uses Experience Institute‘s Leap Kit as its organizing framework and set of tools, as well as a series of workshops and weekly informal meet-ups to build a community of support and accountability.

Outcomes – What will you learn?

Over the span of this immersive course, you’ll practice the following skills and mindsets:

  • Self-Awareness | How to check in with yourself and take steps to grow in ways that are meaningful to you.
  • Framing Challenges | How to find the root of a problem or question, articulate it clearly, and scope a project in response.
  • Bias Toward Action | How to learn by doing and keep moving forward amidst ambiguity and complexity.
  • Prototyping | How to test assumptions quickly and get feedback through short experiments.
  • Storytelling | How to craft and share compelling stories.
  • Growth Mindset | How to thrive on challenges and view failure as an essential part of stretching your abilities.

Outline of Events

Over the course of 10 weeks we will host six workshops. These workshops will give you the tools and insights you’ll need to keep leaping toward your hoped-for landing spot. In between these workshops we will check in as cohorts to keep each other accountable to our Leap goals. The six workshops are:

  • Nice Leap Launch Event | Discover your Leap
  • User Research Workshop | Practice empathy to determine your design process
  • Prototyping Workshop | Experiment with different mediums and forms of prototyping
  • Storytelling Workshop | Craft and share a compelling story about your Leap journey
  • Storytelling Rehearsal | Share your story with mentors and Leapers to improve its delivery
  • Nice Leap Showcase | Share your Leap story with the wider community

Get Started

Apply to Nice Leap | Spring 2021