2020 Nice Idea Showcase

Nice Idea Showcase is your free opportunity to be a problem-solver in your community.

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  • Students must have participated in Nice Idea in their classroom, virtually or in an extracurricular setting.
  • Teams are required; minimum of two individuals, maximum of six.
  • Individual applicants are not allowed, but if you need a teammate, we can help you! Please email Kodee.Furst@ndsu.edu and we will connect you with another student.  

Judging Criteria

Applications include a three-minute pre-recorded video pitch describing their solution. Entries will be assessed on the following criteria: 

  • Win/Win Partnership – identify potential collaborations and partners to make your solution a reality.  
  • Design Thinking – understand your customer and demonstrate clear benefit to their customer. 
  • Opportunity Mindset – demonstrate a creative solution to the problem.  
  • Delivery of Pitch – pitch is clear, effective and presenters are confident in their delivery

Key Dates

  • October 15 – Intent to participate is required so we can source mentors for your team; however, if you change your mind, you can opt of the showcase by not submitting a video pitch.
  • November 2 – You will receive the problem you’re going to be challenged to solve and information for signing up to meet with a mentor. Your team can determine how often you need to meet to develop your solution.
  • November 13 – Deadline to submit your three-minute pre-recorded video pitch describing your solution. Upload your video pitch here. Submissions are due by 5:00 CST.
  • November 17 – Five finalists will be announced. Invitations to participate in ND Innovation Day will be emailed and shared across The Nice Center at NDSU’s social media channels.
  • November 19 – Finalist videos will be livestreamed during ND Innovation Day and teams will participate in a three-minute live Q&A with our Judges Panel. Nice Idea Q&A is scheduled for 1:00 – 2:00 CST.


Compete for over $2000* in awards!

  • Best Solution – $750 
  • People’s Choice – $500 
  • Most Unexpected – $250 
  • Most Creative – $250
  • Most Practical  – $250
  • All winners eligible for a $1500 scholarship to NDSU.

*Cash prizes will be awarded to teams. Scholarships are available on an individual basis.  


Nice Idea Showcase Webinar 

Nice Idea Showcase Resource Guide