Nice Alumni | Volume 0

NDSU Graduates with Stories Worth Sharing

North Dakota State University alumni are creators, building the future and solving problems in North Dakota and around the world. This brief volume and podcast recordings from The Nice Center at NDSU highlights a handful of these inspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging current and future students to take a leap and make an impact in their communities.

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About The Creators

  • Scott Meyer

    Scott Meyer is the Ozbun Executive Director of Entrepreneurship at North Dakota State University. Before founding The Nice Center, the entrepreneurship center for NDSU and the state of North Dakota, Meyer was a business founder, city councilor, and community builder.

  • Dane Johnson

    Dane Johnson is Programs Manager at The Nice Center at North Dakota State University. He works at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship, linking resources on campus to opportunities in the community. Previously, he worked as a writer, founder, and educator.

  • Izak Moleterno

    Izak Moleterno is an artist from Chicago studying visual arts at NDSU. He specializes in visual development for animated features and used those skills for each story in this book.

About The Nice Center

The Nice Center at North Dakota State University is an entrepreneurship center that helps students, faculty, and community members solve problems through empathy and innovation. We believe that entrepreneurship is an essential skill that everyone should have the ability to develop, hence our mission to make entrepreneurship for all.