Behind the Scenes of Nice Idea | Mickenzie Watts

Nice Idea Teaches Entrepreneurial Values to Students Across ND

We believe the future will be created by innovators. So, to nurture those innovators, The Nice Center has partnered with educators across North Dakota to develop entrepreneurial skills through our Nice Idea program.

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Nice Idea is a free entrepreneurship program for North Dakota middle and high school students where they learn to be creative and entrepreneurial, connect with mentors and actual problems that need solving, and showcase their ideas to win support to make those ideas a reality.

Guiding some of these students is Mickenzie Watts, a technology and business teacher at Max Public School in McLean County. Through Nice Idea, The Nice Center aims to give her and other educators resources and curriculum to better serve their students.

“Every Wednesday, we have ‘Nice Wednesday’, where we use the resources sent to us from The Nice Center. Wednesdays are very fun for our students,” she shared. “We use the flashcards and interactive games and it is something that the class really looks forward to.”

Those resources are part of the Nice Idea Kits sent out by The Nice Center. The Nice Idea Kit includes facilitator cards, activities and materials needed for the lessons. The lessons include activities that teach kids opportunity mindset, design thinking and the power of creativity and collaboration.

Mickenzie introduced the entrepreneurship curriculum to Max Public School because she knows how important it is to instill entrepreneurial values in kids early on.

Skills like entrepreneurship and technological literacy are so important in the world we live in, and giving kids those tools early on sets them up for success.

The Nice Center at NDSU believes, like Mickenzie, that everyone should have access to entrepreneurial opportunities. The Nice Idea program and people like Mickenzie at Max Public School are what make spreading these values and creating a better future for everyone possible. 

Posted on October 29th, 2020 by Zach Johnson in News and Stories