Our Nice Corps Fellows: Bringing Entrepreneurship to North Dakota

Our moonshot is to introduce entrepreneurship to North Dakota students. To help us get there, we created a Peace Corps for entrepreneurship. We call it Nice Corps.

Three young adults took a leap of faith this summer – a leap that will pay off in many different ways. Kyle Bylin, Marie Bitzan, and Jenny Melom responded to our call-to-action hiring notice for Nice Corps.

Our Nice Corps Fellows

These three individuals will work with high school students to expand entrepreneurship and innovation in North Dakota.

When we sent out our hiring notice to announce Nice Corps, we looked for indiviuals with these three traits, and we found them!

  • Leadership to empower others.
  • Collaboration in meeting mutual goals.
  • Personal effectiveness that would make things happen.

Kyle, Marie, and Jenny are exceptional people who have unique experiences with entrepreneurship.

Kyle Bylin

He will work to advance entrepreneurship in the northeast region of North Dakota. After growing up on a farm in North Dakota, he spread his wings and began a career in writing for the music industry – his work includes blogs and several books. The experience Kyle has with personal innovation and hard work, along with his infectious entrepreneurial spirit, is bound to lead many students to realize their dreams.

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Entrepreneurial education helps people realize that your city can be a platform to build ideas that make the community a better place to live.
― Kyle Bylin

MariƩ Bitzan

She will work to inspire students in the eastern region of North Dakota. She graduated from college with a degree in entrepreneurship, which pushed her to start her own baking business! Her self-driven motivation and fierce ambition will push students to solve problems and fight for their own dreams.

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Entrepreneurship is not just for business majors; it's a mindset that asks the question, 'How can I solve problems within everyday difficulties?' You can bring it into any aspect of your life.
― MariĆ© Bitzan

Jenny Melom

She will be an inspiring voice for students in the southeastern region of North Dakota. Throughout her time in school, she pushed herself to use her tireless passion to help others achieve their goals. The dedication that Jenny has poured into her own journey as a student and aspiring entrepreneur will be reflected in the lives of the students that she inspires.

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Entrepreneurship has given me the chance to be a voice for high school students to say 'You can take the bold path; you can be courageous and do these ideas.
― Jenny Melom

From NDSU to the students across North Dakota

As a land-grant university, NDSU seeks to serve and educate the people of North Dakota. Through Nice Corps, students in North Dakota will have access to innovative individuals, gain experience doing entrepreneurship, and a connection to The Nice Center at NDSU!

Posted on July 21st, 2021 by Kennedy Fields in News and Stories