New American Entrepreneur Program

Challey Institute accelerator program that connects New American entrepreneurs to capital, community, and technology resources.

The program seeks to increase the success of New American entrepreneurs and accelerate their growth in the Fargo-Moorhead area. The pilot session will support 10 New American entrepreneurs in the growth stage of their ventures through a six-month program. Throughout the duration of the program, the participants will have the opportunity to grow their skills as entrepreneurs and gain valuable assets to help support their business.


The 2019 Challey Institute's New American Entrepreneur Program Cohorts

  • Soma Employment Solutions: Abdishakur Mohamedi

    Soma Employment Solutions offers tailor-made employment solutions to meet your individual needs. They are experts in New American staffing.

  • Adibon: Sifa Ntivu-Bisimwa

    Adibon is a catering service that serves African-European cuisine. Their mission is to serve different ethnic foods in the community with reasonable prices.

  • Mainstream Boutique: Gunel Huseynov

    Mainstream Boutique is a women’s clothing retailer with the mission to empower, strengthen, and celebrate the women in our community through fashion. 

  • Motherland Health: Simi Kasakwe

    Motherland Health provides free mental health counseling to members of the Fargo/Moorhead Community while also offering free transportation and childcare during appointments if needed.

  • Enlight: Dieumerci Christel

    Enlight is a software application that focuses on helping teachers become experts on their students.

  • Learn Or Teach: Clever Mukori

    Learn Or Teach is a project-based learning management system on which educators can create content and sell it. Additionally, organizations can purchase monthly or annual subscriptions to conduct student or employee training.

  • Mama-Dee Care: Decontee Doboyou

    Mama-Dee Care is a licensed in-home group daycare located in South Fargo. Their mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for all children, where they can learn and grow emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially.

  • Nile River Grocery: David Lukudu

    Nile River Grocery is an African grocery store that provides a wide range of goods and products from a variety of African brands at affordable prices.

  • Chai Moto: Pasteur Mudende

    Chai Moto provides locally blended loose lease teas and freshly brewed iced teas. Their hope is to share tea in ways that nurture and sustain positive energy and help forge meaningful relationships.

  • House of Gold: Gertrude Adjei Kusi

    House of Gold offers affordable automobiles, even for those without perfect credit.