Meet Stacy Bare – Host of Mental Health in Times of Isolation

Watch the replay from the webinar that was hosted April 7th.

In these times of stress and uncertainty, mental health is a major concern for everyone. That’s why we are excited to welcome Stacy Bare to host Mental Health in Times of Isolation. Watch the replay in the video above or on YouTube.

Here from Stacy in the selfie video below:

Meet Stacy Bare

Stacy is an adventurer, entrepreneur, veteran, filmmaker, and inspiring friend.

He served two stints in the US Army from 2000-04 and again, after being recalled from the Individual Ready Reserve to serve in Iraq from 2006-07. Returning home, he struggled with his mental health and found relief in the outdoors.

This new-found therapy launched a new career as an outdoors activist. He began taking veterans on extreme outdoor excursions to focus on improving mental health and received the 2014 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award for the work.

He then launched Adventure Not War in 2015 with the mission of promoting peace through adventure. He has returned to areas where he previously fought to ski, hike, and heal. This work was captured in his powerful documentaries (see below).

He co-founded the Great Outdoors Lab in 2014 to put scientifically defensible data behind the idea of time outside as healthcare in partnership with Dr. Dacher Keltner at the Greater Good Science Center at UC-Berkeley.

Today, he is using his experience to help companies, students, and isolated individuals pursue positive mental health outdoors. He helps people disconnect and find mindfulness outside, whether in the backyard or backwoods.

In this webinar, he will share how we can stay mentally healthy despite isolation and the stress from the COVID-19 crisis.

Join us! Everyone who registers will also receiving a link to a recording of the webinar.

Watch Stacy Bare’s Documentaries

Get a sneak preview of the upcoming Silk Road documentary and enjoy the 2017 filmĀ Adventure Not War.

The film won several awards, most notably at the Tehran International Sports Film Festival, Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, and Coast Film Festival. We also received acceptance into Tribeca and Cannes. REI purchased the film.

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