Launching a Dual Credit Entrepreneurship Course

Recommend a student to join our inaugural cohort of A Nice Intro to Entrepreneurship - a three-credit online and on-demand dual credit course open to all.

Entrepreneurship is for Everyone – Why Wait?

We are now taking recommendations for high school students who should join our online, on-demand dual credit entrepreneurship course. We would love for you to recommend a student here.

Before we tell you everything about the course, let’s ask an important question.

What’s it for?

Too rarely do we ask that question in higher education.

The Nice Center believes entrepreneurial education should prepare students to identify and solve problems. In other words, we want to build the mindset and skillset for students to create change. These skills are essential for students regardless of their future endeavors.

Identifying these first principles allowed us to ask: how. If we were starting from scratch, how would we design a learning experience to best teach the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset to today’s high school students? 

We know entrepreneurship creates equity, so the experience had to be accessible and scalable. We also know the best way to learn entrepreneurship is to do it, so the experience had to be hands-on and develop an actual portfolio for students.

We talked to students and learned that an ideal experience is on-demand. For kids who have grown up on Netflix, the idea of waiting was a foreign concept. They wanted to learn whenever and wherever they were. They also wanted to try it before they buy it – start a course, see if it interests them, and then pay for credit.

Does this sound like a typical college class? Not so much. 

So, we got to work.

We tested lessons, spent three full days in the studio recording bite-sized, stackable video lessons, and we honed our measurement to identify the components of an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset.

The result is an online, on-demand three-credit college course: A Nice Intro to Entrepreneurship.

In this course, students will:

  • Identify something they have always wanted to learn or do – and they’ll start
  • Learn to build everything needed to launch an idea including a website, video, sales pitch, local resources you can take advantage of, and more
  • Meet inspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life and learn from their experiences
  • Connect with students from across the region to build a network of innovative students
  • Earn three college business credits from NDSCS upon completion

Like any good entrepreneur, we want to start by testing the idea. This April, we are looking for twenty students to join our first cohort, and we will sponsor their college credits.

We need your help! We are looking for nominations of students to join our first cohort. Please complete this form and share the name/s of students who should join us. You can nominate yourself too!

Other details to know:

  • The course is available to any high school student with preference given to North Dakota students
  • Students can start April 19th and complete the course no later than May 28th
  • All content and lessons are available online at the student’s own pace with weekly live sessions that are encouraged but not required

Starting this summer, the course will be available for all students, so check back soon if you are interested in joining.

Posted on April 6th, 2021 by Scott in News and Stories