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Introducing The Nice Store, an e-commerce platform for student entrepreneurs

The Nice Center’s mission is to help students and faculty at NDSU become entrepreneurial, we want to showcase their skills and provide them with an online platform to sell their products. 

Are you a creator or maker who has a product or service that you want to share with the world? We want to help you market your product/service and start making money.  

The Nice Center invites all students who have any product or service they want to promote and sell to list them on The Nice Store.

Who can sell their products? 

All students and faculty are welcome to sell their products or services on our website! If you just want to make a little more cash, or you want to kick-start your future business, the Nice Center Store is available to you 

How does it work? 

After meeting with you and learning about you and your products, the Nice Center will take care of the rest. We will add your products to the website, and once they are purchased, we can leave the shipping up to you, or we can take care of it. The Nice Center will take out 20% of the total cost of your product to pay for shipping and fees. 8% of that pays for website fees, and the other 12% is used towards the time it takes prepare the packages. If you choose to ship it yourself, there will only be 10% taken out for the cost of fees. The cost of the actual shipping will automatically be added on to the customers total when they check out.  

Popular Selling Categories 

Are you an artist, engineer, poet, technology wiz? We want to help you sell each and every product you have created! Anything from art to online software will be a great asset to our website.  

To let us know you want to sell your products, please fill out the form below. A Nice Center employee will then be in contact with you to find out more about you and your business and get your products online, and soon you’ll making some money!  

Nice Store Contact Us

Posted on February 12th, 2020 by Grace Lange in Resources, News and Stories