Innovation Challenge 2020 has been launched!

Innovation Challenge encourages students to develop and showcase innovative ideas for a chance to win resources to bring them to life.

We don’t need to remind you that 2020 has been a year of uncertainty. And as the world changes, opportunities for transformation have never been needed more than now. As we recognize society’s most pressing challenges, Innovation Challenge 2020 provides the space to meet them with solutions.

Innovation does not come in 'one size fits all'.

Earlier this week, we hosted the first meet-up of the Innovation Challenge series. Hear from our Entrepreneur-in-Residence and member of The Nice Center Leadership Council, Melissa Kjolsing, who inspired our participants by sharing the story of her entrepreneurial journey.

What is Innovation Challenge?

Innovation Challenge is a nationwide competition for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students that gives participants a chance to collaborate with one another and pitch their ideas. This year, the challenge will be 100% virtual. Participants will be meeting over Zoom, where they will work through their ideas and solve problems alongside each other. They will also have access to The Nice Center team for mentorship and outside resources throughout the challenge. 

Key Events:

  • Bootcamps: There will be three bootcamps throughout the challenge. These training sessions will help participants identify their idea and target market, create their business model, and build their presentation. 
  • NiceX: Equity: Participants will be teaming up with the NDSU Multicultural Center to tackle the challenge of creating a more equitable environment at North Dakota State University. Faculty judges from Bethune-Cookman University will provide feedback to proposed solutions, and winning ideas will receive support from The Nice Center and NDSU’s Office of Multicultural Programs to bring their idea to life within the NDSU campus and community. 
  • ND Innovation Day: November 19 marks a day of celebration as we acknowledge three groups of North Dakotans who are putting innovation to work in the classroom, in their personal lives, and in their businesses. These three groups being celebrated are High School Students, University Students, and ND Entrepreneurs.

Are you up to the challenge?

The Innovation Challenge encourages students to develop innovative ideas while also developing the student’s skill sets in creativity, problem solving, public speaking, and collaboration Keynote speaker, Melissa Kjolsing, shared insight on how to go after innovative ideas and how to grow as an entrepreneur and human.

She encouraged students to seek new experiences, adding that entrepreneurship is about learning and listening.

Listen to your inner voice, your interests, and seek out learning opportunities to better understand and meet experts in those areas.

Melissa encourages students to expose themselves to new things, new ideas, and new people, advising that these experiences will teach you knowledge and skills to apply to your life as well as to the growth of your innovative ideas. She added that while seeking these experiences, fall in love with learning and constant problem-solving. “Fostering the skill of loving to learn and to understand problems is important in every level of your career and every level of your life.”

For a competition that aims to teach students creativity, problem solving, public speaking, and collaboration it was a fitting message.

How to Get Involved

There is so much to look forward to as we tackle the problems of today and create the solutions of tomorrow. We at The Nice Center are here to support you in bringing your ideas to life. Join us!

Posted on September 28th, 2020 by Sydney Sanford in News and Stories