Visual History of 30 Years of Philanthropy at NDSU

Philanthropy enables action, especially in higher education. In fact, The Nice Center at North Dakota State University exists thanks to anonymous donors who saw the potential of supporting entrepreneurs.

December 3rd is Giving Tuesday across the country and Giving Day at NDSU. You can donate here. If you want to help The Nice Center specifically, choose Other Fund and enter BA30515.

History of giving at NDSU since 1985.

In the spirit of giving, we were interested in tracking the history of philanthropy at NDSU. As you can see in this graphic, philanthropic giving has been quickly growing the past ten years. You will also see how the historic “In Our Hands” gift from Bob and Sheila Challey compares to previous gifts.

The Nice Center and NDSU have bold ideas for the future of entrepreneurship and education. The generosity of the Bison community will continue to drive our innovation into the next decade. Help us as we pursue our mission of entrepreneurship for all.

Posted on December 2nd, 2019 by Scott in Ideas, News and Stories