Guest Lecture on Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Invite The Nice Center to sprinkle some engaging entrepreneurship and creativity into your class or business.

The Nice Center believes in Entrepreneurship for All. That’s why we are now offering virtual guest lectures for universities, high schools, businesses, and more.¬†

Entrepreneurship and creativity are essential skills for everyone. A sprinkle of entrepreneurship helps students apply concepts in the real world. Developing a process of inspiring creativity helps employees be more innovative and generate new ideas and solutions.

At The Nice Center, we offer courses and programs to inspire entrepreneurship. Now we want to bring that inspiration and experiential process out to our community.

How It Works

Sign up below. When we confirm the date and time, we will give you and your students a Zoom link. We use around 45 minutes to teach one of these topics related to entrepreneurship and creativity.
  • Design thinking: learn to approach and solve problems in any field
  • Minimum viable products: learn to launch an idea in 60 minutes
  • Ideation and creativity: learn to develop better ideas using constraints, brainwriting and other techniques
  • Customer discovery: ¬†learn to find early adopters and iterate based on their feedback
  • Financial projections: learn to estimate the financial viability of an idea

Who Is Eligible

Currently, this offer is available for anyone. Our goal is entrepreneurship for all, so that means you.

Get Started Now

Tell us a bit more about your audience and when you would like the lesson. We will be in touch to confirm everything and get started!

Guest Lesson on Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Invite The Nice Center to host a session on entrepreneurship and creativity for your audience.
Posted on April 6th, 2020 by Scott in Resources