Female Speakers to Hire for Your Upcoming Events

If we want women to lead, we need to hire them. Meet some of the female leaders in our community and nominate more.

At The Nice Center, we believe in entrepreneurship for all. That means helping people who might not consider themselves entrepreneurs to think about it as an option.

We know we have work to do at NDSU. We hosted Women’s Entrepreneurship Week last fall as a way to start the conversation. Based on that week, we wanted to make it easy for other organizations and events to connect with female leaders in the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Why We Need to Support Female Leaders

The impetus to create this list started with a conversation with Kodee Furst of Annie Capital. Here’s how she put it:

We believe our region can be the best place for anyone and everyone to start a company. We also believe that part of getting there is to amplify the voices of all founders.

There are a lot of women in our area taking risks, working on scaling their companies and trying to solve really hard problems, but are doing it very quietly. Our goal in creating this list is to offer an invitation to bring forward women’s voices where they are absent.

We know there are event organizers working to share different perspectives from their respective stages, but may have a hard time finding them. If you’re looking for someone to speak at your next event, we hope this makes it easier to connect with some of the region’s most innovative leaders.

We’re sure there’s more to add, so if you know someone that should be included, please let us know.

There are a lot of women in our area taking risks...but are doing it very quietly...this list is an invitation to bring forward women's voices where they are absent.

Female Speakers for Your Next Event


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Nominate Female Speakers

Tell us great female speakers in the Fargo-Moorhead area.
Posted on January 29th, 2020 by Emily in Resources