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Facing Uncertainty and Finding My Reason

Marié Bitzan

Facing Uncertainty 

My journey from college life at ASU to entrepreneurial building in North Dakota has helped me come to a point of comfort within uncertainty.

After my thesis defense at Arizona State University, Scott Meyer sent me a job posting.  It was for a Nice Corps Fellow at The Nice Center, the position I have now.  Facing this opportunity with an uncertainty that I did not know how to handle, I had some serious thinking to do.  Of course, I also had some reservations. I would be moving back to Fargo to work a temporary position. However, when push came to shove, here I am!  I am back in my hometown, faced with the uncertainty of what will come after this four month affair with The Nice Center.

So why did I do it?

I graduated from ASU with a BS in business entrepreneurship. This gave me a goal of changing minds about entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. Initially, I wanted to focus on corporate innovation within company culture, and customer empathy. However, this position at The Nice Center has allowed me to place corporate on the side and focus on the next generation of thought leaders. I am empowering future change makers with the tools they need to create an impact!  What more important way to spend my time?

My Position and Values

As I have contemplated my values, I discovered a relentless urge within me to help others. My position as a Nice Corps Fellow allows me to do just that. I am not only empowering the next generation of leaders to better themselves.  I am also inspiring them to help their community through Nice Idea.  By creating a community of change, I am doing many things.

  • Connecting business owners to students.
  • Rekindling a flame for teachers to inspire creative problem-solving.
  • Lighting an entrepreneurial fire in the minds of young people.
  • Creating a community for creativity and ideas.


Finding My Reason

The allignment of my values with The Nice Center’s in creating a community for change stands as the reason I accepted this position.

Despite the uncertainty – and the fear of leaving the familiarity of the past four years – I felt this position was calling me to create an impact. This impact I feel will extend beyond my time here.  By exposing young people to opportunity mindset, customer empathy, and agency, I am changing the confidence, ownership attitude, and lives of every student I inspire. I do this all by teaching Nice Idea and connecting students with local support.

During my time so far at The Nice Center, I have found growth within myself that could have only come from facing uncertainty. I held uncertainty of the future, uncertainty about moving to a place of the past, and worry about the temporary nature of my position here.  However, these things have pushed me to confront fear head on and grasp the opportunity at hand.

I plan to share this ownership of uncertainty and entrepreneurial mindset with as many people as I can.

Nice Idea allows me to reach my personal goals of thought change by teaching students that they have good ideas, and empowering them with the tools to act on them.

Posted on September 10th, 2021 by Kennedy Fields in News and Stories