Erik Hatch | Nice Alumni Series

Real Estate & Coaching | Class of 2002

Hometown: Fargo, ND

The idea of working for himself never entered Erik’s mind as an option. But North Dakota State University opened his eyes to a wider world of possibility.

Erik grew up in a condemned trailer in Argusville, ND that burned down shortly after he moved out with his sister and mom. His mother worked hard to create opportunities for her children, and for Erik that opportunity was realized at NDSU.

On campus he joined Alpha Tau Omega, a fraternal organization based on principles of service, and developed programs that continue today like Freeze-a-thon, where students raise money for charity by standing outside for 120 hours straight in the dead of winter. He also became student body Vice President through which he had the chance to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

There is no better place than a college campus to risk big, fail, and dust yourself off again.

Following university, Hatch spent a decade in ministry. He waited to make the leap into entrepreneurship until he had clarity about what he was running toward. The new target was real estate, and he started working toward it part-time while continuing full-time in ministry. By 2015 Hatch Realty was established.

Today, Hatch Realty has been voted the top real estate company in Fargo with 43 team members across Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck, and Detroit Lakes. And the original real estate company has led to the formation of 25 related businesses, like Hatch Coaching, which trains business leaders and realtors around the world.

At the core, Erik still views his work as ministry because of its impact on families. He notes that any entrepreneurial journey needs to solve a problem and fulfill a passion. Unless it has your whole heart, it’s hard to get up when you get kicked down.

“Anyone can be a servant leader, and business is a great vehicle to use to become one.”

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Credits: Story by Scott Meyer & Dane Johnson / Illustration by Izak Moleterno

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Posted on November 18th, 2020 by Dane Johnson in News and Stories