Entrepreneurship Certificate

No matter what career you pursue the lessons learned through entrepreneurship will increase your confidence and allow you to see possibilities where others only see problems. The Nice Center at NDSU supports students in this process of becoming more entrepreneurial, developing skills that are essential to our changing world while making it more equitable for all.

  • Intro to Entrepreneurship (ENTR 201)

    Offered online during Fall & Spring semesters. Taught in the fall by Scott Meyer and by Onnolee Nordstrom in the spring.

  • Tools for Entrepreneurship (ENTR 301)

    Offered Fall & Spring, in-person and online, taught by Scott Meyer.
    (Substitute Chad Ulven’s Entrepreneurship for Scientists course.)

  • Entrepreneurship Capstone (ENTR 401)

    Offered in the Fall, in-person, taught by Onnolee Nordstrom.


Interested in taking it a step further? Add two classes & earn your Minor in Entrepreneurship.


  • Entrepreneurship Practicum/Internship (ENTR 496)

    Work with Onnolee Nordstrom to complete at least 4 credits worth of an Entrepreneurship Practicum/Internship. (i.e. This can be starting your own business, joining a young venture, or partnering with a Nice Center affiliate company to complete these working hours).

  • NICE Explorers
    Entrepreneurship Electives (choose one)

    Economics of Entrepreneurship
    / Negotiation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
    / Managing Family Enterprises
    / Sales & Personal Selling
    / Marketing Research
    / Digital Marketing
    / Contracts & Specifications
    / Music Entrepreneurship
    / Systems Engineering & Management
    / Topics on Personal Computers

  • Department Information

    The Nice Center is located in Richard H. Barry Hall in downtown Fargo. The Department’s phone number is 701-231-8651. Swing in and say hi, we would love to help get you connected to entrepreneurship at NDSU.

We exist to help you successfully launch from idea to action. Let us know how we can help by sharing more on the contact page or simply shooting us a text at (701) 354-1801.