Celebrating She Starts Week

She Starts Week is a community-sourced festival that connects and celebrates entrepreneurial women in the ND region.

We hosted events to help entrepreneurs pursue their ideas and make connections.

The week of September 20th-24th included five packed days of events giving inspiration, advice, and resources to all types of entrepreneurs. Four of these events were held by The Nice Center!  Our events covered topics on surviving rejection, hiring an intern, leveraging Notion (a no code tool,) and finding empowerment in the face of problems.

The Nice Center hosted panelists from ag-tech to diversity consulting. Our team offered events ranging from technical aid to empowerment, and having industry diversity offered broad perspectives.


Marié Bitzan hosted our first event on Tuesday, September 21st!

Laetitia Hellrud and Debbi Osowski discussed how rejection can create motivation for improvement. Offering personal experiences, they stated: “Trust rejection.  It is guiding you to where you need to be.” Additionally, offering a rule of advice: “You get 24 hours to pout, and then you start again.” 

The event inspired attendees to face the fear of rejection, pivot, and stand strong in the presence of negativity. As rejections often happen with new ideas and businesses, Laetitia and Debbi offered security that it is possibble t0 push through!  Often, one can become better in times of rejection.

Trust rejection. It is guiding you to where you need to be.


The Nice Center hosted two events on Wednesday, September 22.

Jennifer Melom and Kyle Bylin hosted “How to Hire an Intern.” 

This session encompassed a panel discussion with three talent acquisition agents at Bushel, Genesis Feed Technology, and Superior Industries. All three of them stated the importance of timing when hiring an intern. Interns should not be hired when you are too busy to handle your work. Rather, they should be taken on when you have extra time to mentor them and offer an experience.

Later in the day, two of our Nice Productions Student Fellows, Cassy Tweed and Kennedy Fields spoke. 

They discussed how Notion, a no-code tool can be leveraged to manage a workplace. Using the interface that they have built for the Nice Center’s workspace, they showed how one can leverage tools online with little technical experience.

Hiring an Intern, Wednesday Event


Marié Bitzan hosted another She Starts Week event on Thursday, September 23rd.

Lastly, on Thursday, Heather McDougall shared her thoughts on eco-anxiety and how to turn this into empowerment. As an interactive session, she discussed the problems of attendees as a loop. This loop eventually comes to a close and begins again: a sustainable cycle. However, she questioned, “How can we tighten this loop to have a shorter cycle?” 

As we begin to realize that problems are loops and that we are part of a cycle, we become able to empower ourselves to make decisions to tighten the loop. Seeing change starts with ourselves, and taking one next step is how it begins. 

Community Impact through She Starts Week

The Nice Center is honored to have hosted events to inspire entrepreneurs within our community. As we continue to support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, we will take advice and energy from our events during this week.

Posted on October 5th, 2021 by Marié Bitzan in Events, News and Stories