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[Podcast] The Highs and Lows of App Development with Cindy Gillund

Highs and Lows of App Development

Cindy Gillund discusses the challenges of curating an app from start to finish, how her educational journey led her to the entrepreneurial world, and what the future looks like for Go/Do.

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[Podcast] The Complex World of Mineral Compensation with Joel Brown

World of Mineral Compensation

In this episode of Nice Live, Joel Brown introduces the business he co-owns, Mineral Tracker, and why it’s important.

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[Podcast] The Invaluable Role of Business Ethics with Marianne Jennings

Marianne Jennings

Business ethics can be a complex and uncomfortable topic to discuss but Marianne Jennings breaks down its components in a clear and knowledgeable way.

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[Podcast] Creating True Super Foods with Innovative Food Production with Jayson Lusk

Jayson Lusk

Have you ever wondered about the food you eat? In this episode of Nice Live, Jayson Lusk provides us with an insight on all the facts about food.

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Now Open: The Nice Studio

NICE Studio

That’s why we’re excited to open The Nice Studio. The Nice Studio is open office hours for aspiring entrepreneurs. Anyone with an idea can come and work with the Nice Center and other entrepreneurs.

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A CoSearch Sneak Peek — Speaker, Judges, Schedule and More


This research competition for faculty members will bring together great minds from across the state to develop interdisciplinary research proposals.

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Transparent Learnings— Sharing Nice Data from Q1

Transparent Learning

First quarter data, including challenges and opportunities for the NICE Center

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Problem-Based Thinking with David Cronrath

problem based thinking with David Cronrath

In our premiere episode of Nice Live, we interview Dr. David Cronrath who spoke at NDSU as a part of the Wold Lecture Series. This fascinating conversation encourages us to think bigger and use problem-based thinking to solve the big challenges in our world.

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Get Your Ideas Ready for CoSearch NDSU

Ideas for Cosearch

This fall on October 25th and 26th, CoSearch attendees will be stepping on stage to share your new research proposal with the community. We can’t wait!

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Introducing Niche Craft — Develop the Skills You Need in One Hour

Niche craft

These short workshops will share the tools and tactics entrepreneurs and businesses can use to grow. They are 100% free and open to the public. We hope that they will provide a watering hole for current and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet and learn.

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