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CO.STARTERS Week 7: Accounting for Growth

During our seventh week at CO.STARTERS, we were joined by accountant and consultant Sarah West of Light Consulting & Coaching. Sarah shared best practices for how to handle our finances when operating our business. Her practical and straightforward advice is essential for any budding entrepreneur.

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CO.STARTERS Week 6: Discovering The Bottom Line

During our sixth week at CO.STARTERS, we were joined by someone who has experienced their fair share of high and lows in the financial services industry. Ross Almlie serves as President of Future Bright, a financial and investment advisory business that serves individual investors, small businesses, and large company retirement plans.

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Strong Women, Strong Coffee

The North Dakota Women's Business Center regularly hosts events and programming to support women in business and entrepreneurship. One of their signature events is called "Strong Women, Strong Coffee." Read a review of their January hosting of the event.

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CO.STARTERS Week 5: Strengthening Your Structure

This week at CO.STARTERS, we explored why legal stuff matters and the steps you need to take to address legal concerns when launching your business. We were also joined by Miguel Danielson, Founder & Managing Member of Danielson Legal, LLC, who fielded questions related to intellectual property protections for our ideas.

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25+ Entrepreneurship Competitions for ND & MN Students

ND and MN entrepreneurship competitions

Are you an entrepreneur looking for funding? The Nice Center has comprised a list of competitions and grants held across the country for ND and MN students. Check out our ever-updating list of opportunities and get dollars to develop your idea.

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Introducing The Nice Store, an e-commerce platform for student entrepreneurs

Grants and Competitions in ND and MN

The Nice Center’s mission is to help students and faculty at NDSU become entrepreneurial, we want to showcase their skills and provide them with an online platform to sell their products. Are you a creator or maker with something to sell? We'll help!

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CO.STARTERS Week 4: Building The Model to Scale

This week at CO.STARTERS, we developed the internal processes needed to keep our business running -- distribution, revenue collection, and pricing. We also welcomed a special guest speaker, and CO.STARTERS alumna, Christy Tehven of Love Always Floral.

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CO.STARTERS Week 3: Getting The Relationship Right

CO.STARTERS at The Nice Center

Do you and your customer have the right relationship? Maybe it's time to explore that a little deeper. In our third week at CO.STARTERS, we talked about strategies to employ for getting, keeping, and growing our customer base. Read more to find out what we identify as the foundations of a healthy customer relationship.

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Female Speakers to Hire for Your Upcoming Events

Women's Entrepreneurship Week Fargo

If we want women to lead, we need to hire them. Meet some of the female leaders in our community and nominate more.

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CO.STARTERS Week 2: Get To Know Your Customers

By empathizing with our customers, we're able to shape our products and services to provide the most value to their lives. In our second week at CO.STARTERS, we learned the best questions to ask to help us better understand our customers.

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