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Teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking to Students

By Kyle Bylin When I saw the job posting for Nice Corps, I applied because I wanted to teach entrepreneurship to high school students. I had no idea what a typical day would look like...

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Innovation Under Pressure and the Speeding Up of Organizational Life

Ideas Research Workshop Featuring Dr. Jan Pfister The incredible innovation that occurs in our capitalist system has benefited our society in a plethora of ways, such as increasing connection, efficiency, and comfort. Yet according to...

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Fostering Enterprise & Creating Value in Trade

IDEAS Research Workshop Featuring Dr. Rajshree Agarwal Last Friday’s IDEAS Research Workshop will change you. Guaranteed. How do I live a fulfilling life? Which relationships will make me my best self?  How can I change...

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For the Sake of the Children: How a Stable Marriage is Linked to Well-being

IDEAS Research Workshop Featuring Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox Wow. Last Friday’s presentation by Dr. Wilcox is something I will never forget. Not only was this presentation informative and educational, but it also challenged a multitude...

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How The Nice Center Teaches Entrepreneurship Online

Learn the tools and techniques we use to teach online entrepreneurship courses at NDSU. These courses increase access and prepare students for remote work.

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Visual History of 30 Years of Philanthropy at NDSU

NDSU Philanthropy history

Programs like the NICE center are possible due to philanthropy. With giving in mind we wanted to track the philanthropic history at NDSU.

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How to Impact a Community with a Crowdsourced Festival

Womens entrepreneurship week was held and various panels were able to capture the voices on how to best support female founders.

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The Mount Rushmore of Entrepreneurial Content — Top Books, Blogs, Podcasts and Videos

Top books, blogs, podcasts and more to help the novice entrepreneur take the leap into Entrepreneurship as a career.

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Transparent Learnings— Sharing Nice Data from Q1

Transparent Learning

First quarter data, including challenges and opportunities for the NICE Center

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Design Thinking Arrives in Fargo

Design thinking arrives in fargo

Design thinking is a solutions-based approach to solve problems, used by companies like Apple and AirBnb. It has been hailed by Harvard Business Review as a new way to organize work that will “unleash people’s full creative energies.” This Thursday, design thinking arrives in Fargo.

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