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Announcing the First Cohort of Nice + SODAA Student Fellows

Seven Students from the NDSU School of Design, Architecture and Art will work with the Nice Center to solve real-world problems and gain new skills this March.

At The Nice Center, NDSU’s entrepreneurship hub, the motto is that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is to do it. Through the Nice + SODAA fellowship program, students from the NDSU School of Design, Architecture and Art (SODAA) partner with The Nice Center and apply what they have learned in the classroom towards a project that impacts their community. They receive education, mentorship, and resources to take action on their ideas.

Problems to Solve

The Nice Student Fellowship programs allow students to solve three key problems:

  • Knowledge Application – Students at NDSU are knowledgeable within their field of study, but they are not always sure how to apply it in the “real world.” Nice Student Fellows build a body of work and a portfolio that will help them learn what they are interested in and how to use their education.
  • Network – Students learn more and identify more opportunities with a larger, diverse network. Nice Student Fellows meet one another and connect with professionals in their area of study, helping them now and in the future.
  • Action – Starting is often the most difficult step. The Nice Student Fellowship provides fellows with a specific problem to get them started and forces accountability through weekly meetings and a public showcase. This creates action.

Meet the Fellows 

The Spring 2021 Pilot Program will include seven new fellows. 

Taylor Hemmesch – Minnetonka, MN

Taylor Hemmesch is a senior at NDSU, where she is pursuing a degree in architecture.

She currently interns for RHL Designs, as well as working as a graphic designer for NDSU Residence Life and Dining. What draws her to the field of design is the intersection of function and aesthetic value, and creating spaces that facilitate connections and comfort for the people who use them. She hopes to translate these values into her future career as an architect. In her free time, Taylor loves spending time with family and friends, doing yoga, and trying out new recipes.

A Miami building Taylor says represents her artistic style

Katie Kent – Alexandria, MN

Katie Kent is a third-year student at NDSU studying Architecture, Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship. Originally from Alexandria, Minnesota, she says that while she may be from a small town, her aspirations are large.

She has long had a deep passion for sustainable construction materials and she hopes to someday create a positive change in our built environment that will influence how we live, work, and create. She thrives on collaborating with others and overcoming challenges. She is a driven lifelong learner who is enthusiastic about developing and gaining new skills as a Nice+SODAA Fellow.  


A modern home in Beijing, China

Megan Tichy – Tower City, ND

Megan Tichy is a mixed media artist who uses both fine art and craft techniques in her work.

Her art is inspired both by personal narrative and conversations within her community and she likes to explore themes such as memory, nostalgia, and Queer/Feminist history. She is a goal-orientated person with an extroverted personality and a current baccalaureate student at NDSU. After graduation, she plans to work towards a master’s degree in upper-level art education as she hopes to be a professor of fine art one day. 

Madeline Hursey – Flandreau, SD

Madeline Hursey is from a small town in South Dakota. She graduated from Flandreau High School in 2019 and is currently studying Architecture at North Dakota State University.

A sophomore, she plans to graduate with her master’s in 2024. She is excited to be a part of this opportunity to gain experience in real-world design-thinking and entrepreneurship.

Hunter Seminole – Osgood, ND

Hunter Seminole is studying at NDSU to obtain his BFA in illustration.

He is aspiring to write and illustrate his own fiction into a comic book series. The expertise of his skills extends into character creation, world building, and fictional writing to produce elaborate conceptual designs. He is inspired by artists such as Hirohiko Araki, Michelangelo, and Neil Gaiman. When he is not drawing, writing, or reading, he enjoys lifting weights, spending time with family, and listening to metal music.

Tucker Schoenfish – Fargo, ND

Tucker was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota and has always been a fan of the Rolling Herd! He is in the third year of the architecture program at NDSU, and is the class representative for the class of 2023. He likes to focus his design on creating things that are pleasing to the eye and have never been seen before, as well as trying to implement sustainability. Outside of school he has been an enlisted member of the Air National Guard since 2014 and has had many great experiences during his time in the military. His hobbies consist of photography, both film and digital, graphic design, and playing video games.

Colin Ceason – Farmington, MN

Colin is a student of landscape architecture at North Dakota State University. Growing up at the edges of the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul gave him a unique opportunity to be exposed to both rural and Urban communities and cultures. This has helped fuel his love of nature and inspired him to become a landscape architect. He wants to bring nature to our urban environment and change the world around us with Landscape Architecture. Design isn’t his only passion, he is also a musician, playing the saxophone with over 12 years of Experience. Jazz is his calling but he also participate in the Gold Star Marching Band. As he put it – “Yes, I am that guy playing in the park or on street corners late at night.” His perfect day is arriving in a new city, presenting his design work, then going out to a speakeasy to blow off some steam and play some music.

Artists are Entrepreneurs

Each of these fellows is incredibly knowledgeable and talented. The Nice Center is excited to work with them and provide the resources they need to flourish as artists and architects. A better world is built by entrepreneurs, and The Nice Center intends on facilitating real-world action to supplement the knowledge base NDSU’s bright students have.  

Posted on February 10th, 2021 by Zach Johnson in News and Stories