The Nice Center at North Dakota State University is an entrepreneurship center. Our mission is entrepreneurship for all.

We pursue this goal by teaching, training, and supporting students, faculty and community members. We are pursuing the future of higher education alongside an incredible group of educators and innovators in our Nice Leadership Council. As a land-grant institution, our role is to serve the entire state of North Dakota, which is why we are here to serve North Dakotan entrepreneurs, no matter their age.

At the Nice Center, we believe the most successful entrepreneurs are those who learn and lead with empathy. By understanding the problems and pain-points of others they can create world-changing solutions, which all begins by being nice.

Nice Corps

  • Jenny Melom

    Jenny works with educators in southeastern North Dakota to bring an inspirational voice for entrepreneurship to students.  Throughout her time in school, she pushed herself to use her tireless passion to help others achieve their goals. The dedication that Jenny has poured into her own journey as a student and aspiring entrepreneur will be reflected in the lives of the students that she inspires.

  • Kyle Bylin

    Kyle works with educators to advance entrepreneurship in the northeast region of North Dakota. After growing up on a farm in North Dakota, he spread his wings and began a career in writing for the music industry – his work includes blogs and several books. The experience Kyle has with personal innovation and hard work, along with his infectious entrepreneurial spirit, is bound to lead many students to realize their dreams.

  • Marié Bitzan

    Marié works with educators to inspire students in the eastern region of North Dakota. She graduated from college with a degree in entrepreneurship, which pushed her to start her own baking business! Her self-driven motivation and fierce ambition will push students to solve problems and fight for their own dreams.

Nice Productions

  • Kennedy Fields

    As our Content Creator and Manager, Kennedy puts her growing knowledge of English and International Studies to work!  Kennedy is a junior at NDSU and she is constantly inspired by people who are creating solutions to problems they find in the world and in their communities.  She has been creating stories since she could tie her shoes, and she loves working in a place where creativity is encouraged!

  • Cassy Tweed

    Cassandra Tweed – better known as Cassy – is our team’s Graphic Designer!  As she approahces her senior year at NDSU studying Graphic Design with a minor in Strategic Communications, Cassy puts her growing skills to use.  She started doing commissions for painting and graphic works in 2018. Nature plays a large role in the art that she creates!  She joined Nice Productions as a Graphic Artist to gain real world experience and to understand how to work with clients.

Nice Faculty Fellows

Entrepreneurship is not owned by the College of Business; it should be across campus and the community. It also should not be limited to the idea of launching a business and making money. It can include innovation and creativity, as well. That’s why we rallied together the Nice Faculty Fellows: to integrate innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship into courses and research.

  • Meghan Duda

    Meghan Duda is an Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, with a focus on Photography and Design. This summer, she has been working on two photography projects involving experimental landscape photography and ecological impacts of the anthropocene. When she’s not behind a camera or in a classroom, you’ll find her working on home improvement projects with help from her two girls aged 4 and 7.

  • Adam Elznic - Libraries

    Adam Elznic is the Emerging Technologies Coordinator at the NDSU Libraries. He integrates new technology into the Library, including the Digital Fabrication Lab on the main floor of the library where he teaches students to use 3D printers, CNC milling machines, the Laser Engraver, and other various tools. You’ll find him using his background in sculpture and industrial design to build new things at home and at the office – including the mask he is wearing in his photo!

  • Ganapathy Mahalingam - Architecture

    Ganapathy Mahalingam is a Professor of Architecture and has been teaching at NDSU for the past almost 27 years. He founded his own software company in 2009 and is building an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in his department. You’ll find him introducing students to global entrepreneurship through product and software design for developing economies.

  • Jill Nelson - Counselor Education and HSE Dean’s Office

    Jill Nelson is a professor in the counseling program and also serves as the Associate Dean for Professional Development and Leadership in the college of Human Sciences and Education. This calendar year she is also filling in as co-Dean. When she’s not busy at NDSU, she enjoys spending time with friends or on her patio enjoying Fargo summers.

  • Sherri Stastny - Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

    Dr. Stastny is a professor in Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences. She serves as a dietitian on NDSU research teams and is also a licensed bone densitometry technician. In addition to her work at NDSU, she is an outdoor enthusiast. Normally, one might look for her biking, gardening, hiking, running or water skiing in the summer, but right now she is tied to elevating her broken leg.

  • Sara Sunderlin - Apparel, Merchandising, Interior Design & Hospitality Management

    Sara Sunderlin is a senior lecturer in the Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Interior Design & Hospitality Management.  She helps students create thoughtful designs in textiles, apparel construction and product development.  She also serves as the caretaker of the NDSU Tartan project on campus.  When she has free time, look for her sewing and designing bags and apparel as a part of her side business.

  • Jessica Vold - Engineering

    Jessica Vold is an Assistant Professor of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation across the College of Engineering at NDSU. When not helping students on materials engineering, you’ll find her in the garden with her two girls, ages 2 and 4 years old, and her two Vizsla hunting dogs.

As one of our Nice Writers, Kennedy Fields puts her growing knowledge of English and International Studies to work! Kennedy is a sophomore here at NDSU, and she is involved with Hola Club and Chi Alpha. She is constantly inspired by people who are creating solutions to problems they find in the world and in their communities, and she loves working in a place where creativity is encouraged. Kennedy loves to read, exercise, and meet new people – what a gal!